HT2 labs Overview

HT2 Labs is the R&D company for Learning and Performance Technology. Through our software, we enable organisations to create exceptional learning experiences for their users.

We pride ourselves on being ‘a place of firsts’, and organisations work with us because we dedicate ourselves to doing things no one else has done before.

  • First to put gamification into a corporate learning platform (Curatr)
  • First to put comments alongside content in an LMS (also Curatr)
  • First to release an Open Source Learning Record Store (Learning Locker)

By being the ones trying things for the first time in our industry, our team has come to influence people and organisations well beyond our means.

For us, the backbone of any learning ecosystem is a data store and we’ve built one of the market leaders, Learning Locker.

Feeding from this we’ve created a Personal Learning Hub called Red Panda, where learners can plan and track their learning journey.

And for when you need to step in to design and deliver an engaging course experience, there’s our award-winning social learning tool, Curatr.

Often our solutions must co-exist with existing systems. That’s why we also invest time and money in emerging standards, like xAPI or Open Badges, to help connect our platforms together into a single ecosystem for personal, social and data-driven learning.

Who we're looking for?

Our current team all have a background in either software development or L&D/training – some of us have both – and we all share a love of creating simple, innovative solutions to resolve complex workplace/learning problems. (Except the dogs; they don’t care for much besides walkies and where their next tummy rub or treat is going to come from.)

If that sounds like you, drop us a line – you never know when something suitable may open up!

Why Join us? 

After an outstanding 2017, we’re really starting to make a name for ourselves in the business, and as a Place of Firsts, we’re far from finished. As we look to take the next steps on our journey, there has never been a better time to join us:

  • We are committed and passionate about giving people better opportunities in life through learning. That counts for our staff as well as our customers.
  • Our compensation package is one of the best in our sector. We give a wide-range of additional benefits, like 25 days paid holiday per year, from day one.
  • A number of our staff are continuing their professional development with graduate and post-graduate qualifications, fully supported by HT2 Labs.
  • We take our mission seriously, but we’re small enough to remain flexible and enjoyable as a work environment – office dogs, standing desks and unlimited supplies of cake – we’ve nailed the whole ‘Start-up’ thing.

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