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In recruitment I spend a lot of time finding candidates for a number of different digital marketing roles across the UK. I recently caught up with Simon Butterworth, Digital Marketing Director at Reckless to get his thoughts on the sector:

Tell us about yourself and your position

Simon Butterworth, Digital Marketing Director. 

I head up the Digital Marketing team, who manage SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Digital PR and Social Media campaigns for our clients. 

You have worked in digital marketing for several years, how did you get into digital marketing initially? 

After studying Computer Science at university, I combined that technical knowledge with my own entrepreneurial spirit to help businesses make money online.

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving sector, what does a typical day as a Digital Marketing Manager’s look like? 

Team catch up meetings to ensure all campaigns are headed in the right direction. Strategy sessions for new campaigns. Client meetings. New business proposals and meetings.

With the advancements in technology, there have been huge developments in the digital marketing sector. Where do you see digital marketing going in 2017? 

Google to introduce more paid advertising on their search pages.

You have an impressive client base at Reckless, what do you identify as your key to success? 

By aligning our strategy as closely as possible to their business objectives.

As each client is different, how do you identify the areas of digital marketing that will most benefit a new client? 

By assessing their business objectives and deciding which area will realise that goal in the quickest way possible.

You host the Cheshire BIMA event, how important is sharing knowledge and networking events in the digital marketing sector? 

Crucial. By others sharing their own experiences, techniques etc. you can really test everything for yourself and find our own route to success.

We have a lot of candidates who are looking to get into innovative agencies like Reckless. What is your advice for someone looking to get into digital marketing for the first time? 

Do as much as you can in your own time. Start a blog, affiliate site or grow a social following. Something to demonstrate you have working experience of the services we offer.

When someone applies to one of Reckless’ digital marketing vacancies, what are the top three things you look for and why?

Personality. How they align with our core values. Experience.

If you'd like to hear about the latest digital marketing opportunities we have with Reckless then please email mike.cullen@searchability.co.uk / call 01244 567 567!

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